Our Team

Our team


Joey Ghose

Chairman of EASCR since 2021, his aim has been to bring the rally back to its former glory. This rally is known as the world’s greatest rally and he intends to augment this - we will run a technical but enjoyable rally, showing the world the true spirit of the EASCR!

Our board
Our board

  • Rebecca Mbithi
  • Richard Kiplagat
  • Jeet Ghose
  • Joey Ghose
  • Ali Bin Mohammed
  • Uday Bhasin

General Manager / Event Director
General Manager / Event Director

Gilly Dykes

The EASCR to me is a case of coming full circle, since I worked as a volunteer back in 1985 on the Safari. I was put in the car with Rauno Aaltonen when I was a teenager, and I still remember his feet dancing on the pedals. The opportunity to be involved in what is effectively my dream event, was not to be passed up and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of a team who are passionate about what they do. The Classic is a legendary event, but it must be part of a legacy handed down to future Kenyans to adore and follow and dream about. Fortunately, this vision is shared by our chairman.

After leaving Kenya in the late 80’s, having navigated a couple of times for Pete Hayes, and navigating for my husband in Uganda, I became involved with motorsport in Southern Africa. Bikes, cars, and karts were the weapons of choice but ultimately it is the dust and dirt that makes me feel alive, so circuit racing fell by the wayside. I have been fortunate enough to do 7 Dakar rallies, 3 as manager for a team, and 4 years as a steward. South America is full of passionate motorsport fans, but none as knowledgeable as Kenyans when it comes to rallies. I am currently also involved in the World Championship cross country events as an official and believe that I can learn from both facets of the sport and bring ideas to EASCR as well as network with those who wish to compete in the Classic. It is a mammoth task to put on such an event, and one that cannot be taken lightly, so the professionalism of the team is paramount as well as their individual strengths which will help create a race to remember.

Rally Manager / Deputy Clerk of Course
Rally Manager / Deputy Clerk of Course


The rallying 'Dudu' bit Qahir from a very young age. He has always been passionate and enthusiastic about rallying in East Africa. All thanks to his father who used to take him out to watch rallies before he even started walking. Qahir's involvement on the officiating side of rallying began after my University studies.

From 2021, Qahir started to compete in the grassroots form of Rallying in Kenya driving diverse buggies. This is no other than the Kenya National Autocross Championship Series. In between all this, till date, he has organized National Rallies as a Deputy Clerk of Course. Additionally, Qahir is also a long-term Stage Commander for the ARC Equator Rally and more notably, the WRC Safari Rally Kenya that made a welcome return after a disappearance from the WRC calendar for 19 years.

Qahir's involvement with the Classic began in 2019, when he joined as a Safety Official. Since then, Classic has made a positive mark on his heart. He mentions that it is a special sight and feeling to experience pre-1985 competition rally cars revisit iconic stages of the golden era of the safari and moreover, to admire their impeccable and stunning build quality in this modern day and age. Since the completion of the 2019 classic, Qahir promised himself to never miss another Classic ever again and to eventually compete in it one day too.

For the 2021 Mini classic and 2022 Main classic, he explored a different angle of Classic rallying which was getting involved with the build-process and servicing of rally cars. The East African Safari Classic Rally is definitely one special event. Qahir mentions that he is highly motivated and excited to input his level best and take Classic Rallying in East Africa to greater heights. #TwendeKazi

Clerk of Course
Clerk of Course

Renzo Bernardi

Renzo Bernardi is the current President of the Motorcycle Sports Federation of Kenya since 2018. He has been chairman of the EAMSC for 8 years and chairman of the Kenya Motor Sports Foundation and later of the Kenya Motor Sports Federation.

He was brought up in Kenya and has been an active participant in motor and motorcycle sports activities for many years. As an organiser and official he has been CoC and Technical steward for several FIM Africa Continental events, local rallies, and Chief Judge at the Concourse d`Elegance.

He has participated in rallies as a navigator and has taken part in the EASCR six times.

Accommodation Manager
Accommodation Manager

Jenny Dance

Jenny has been involved in the Motorsport world for over 15 years and has had roles in various disciplines.

These include Event Secretary, CRO and Time Control for Various KNRC rounds. Paddock Marshall and Timing in various Autocross rounds.

We all know her well from Kabras Racing who competed around the country and Zambia.

This gives her knowledge on both sides of the fence from official and competitor.

She has also worked in the Event Organizing industry.

With this experience we look forward to having her as a CRO and Accommodation specialist.

Chief Safety Officer
Chief Safety Officer

Dash Patel

A rally fanatic that breathes and sleeps motorsports in general! Dash holds a grade A safety license as well as a grade A Clerk of Course license. He has been involved in the sport for 15 years. Dash is quite the all-rounded individual and is involved in motorsports every other week. Be it his mechanical expertise or organising skills, he always shines and delivers tremendous effort.

Dash has been the chief safety officer in numerous Kenya National rally and autocross events as well as our very own East African Safari Classic Rallies.

His passion for off-roading and rock crawling has seen him excel and become the current Clerk of Course for Kenya’s national 4x4 events.

Alongside safety, Dash has also been the Assistant and Deputy Clerk of Course on numerous Kenya national rallies, the WRC Safari Rally as well the chief rescue officer for the WRC Safari Rally!

Route Manager
Route Manager

Raju Chaggar

Been exposed to motorsports from a very young age, where his parents ran time controls for the local championships and the biggest highlight was the Marlboro Safari Rally where Raju and his family would run a time control each day of the rally.

Raju’s involvement with the classic dates to its inception in 2003. In 2003 and 2005 he was a mechanic. He moved on to being the route opener from 2007 to 2017. 2018 saw a leap up the ladder and he became Clerk of Course up until the 2022 Main classic. His experience also saw him run the 2022 ARC Atlantic Rally, Tanzania as the Clerk of Course.

Raju is the local coordinator for the Historic Rally Association, world cup regularity event called London to cape town, writing the road book for Kenya and Tanzania.

Back track a few years, Raju was the Assistant Clerk of course for the candidate WRC event in 2019 and continued that role for the return of the WRC in the championship in 2021.

Organizing rallies is at his heart and he has done so for countless local rallies and ran the rally raid championships for a number of years and introducing a digital road book in the scroll format.

Raju too has been a Navigator for several seasons with top podium finishes on record.

His most happy place is in my car looking for rally routes.

Having sat out the 2022 Mini Classic event, he was asked to run 4 rally cars as a team Manager, and now he can happily say he has done it all in motorsports, except driving it!!!!!!

Raju feels nothing short of excitement and happiness to be called back for the 2023 edition, and to get back on the road again.

Media Safety
Media Safety


Anwar has been involved in motorsports organisations for over two decades (and over 40 years of formal motorsports professional photography) in various capacities. Most recently, he his involved in the WRC Safari Rally as their Media Safety Head. Media Safety for the events means; planning, identifying and securing the various locations for the media who cover this event for a worldwide audience.

Anwar was born in Meru, Kenya and my profession as a photojournalist and publisher has been ongoing from 1981 onwards. One of his biggest milestones was 29 years ago when my first published picture of the East African Safari Rally splashed on the front pages of Kenya national newspapers and global ones too including ‘wire’ agencies – AP, AFP and Reuters. The picture was taken during the 1985 Marlboro Safari Rally encompassing the spectacular roll on Taita Hills, picturing the Nissan 240RS (Car No. 31) of Hans Schuller and Wolfgang Schiller.

Having had the chance to experience Classic rallying in its golden years, Anwar's passion has lived on for the spectacle of watching and photographing classic rallies. Since 2003 (To Date), I have covered and photographed the East African Safari Classic Rally for the local and international press.

"I am looking forward to continue working with the classic family to capture all their future events."

ies. 1986 to 1990 saw him serve as an official for various safari rallies, a controller and assistant clerk of course in several local rallies. Bipin was then appointed to be the event director for various Kenya National Rally Championship rallies that were staged in Eldoret from 2004 to 2015. In August of 2021, he also founded the Eldoret Rally Club.