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Scott Armstrong & Alan Abbey

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Scott Armstrong  & Alan Abbey

Scott Armstrong


Scott Armstrong

  • Nationality: British
  • Age: 45
  • Started Rallying at age 23.
  • Entered the East African Safari Classic Rally in 2017 and 2019.
  • Greatest event was the 2017 Safari Classic. It was a realisation of a dream, and with a small team of friends.
  • Would like to rally in Morocco, USA, Dakar, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Have rallied in UK, Kenya and TZ
  • Best result was 10th in Safari Classic 2019.
  • Relationship to Navigator: Long time friend and we have helped each other on many UK events.
  • The Safari Rally is my first memory of Rallying and the late 70s to mid 90s is my favourite era.
  • Africa was where I was born and a special place.
  • I have driven Peugeot 205, 206 and Datsun Violets x2
  • My favourite car is my current Datsun but would like drive a car with power one day!
  • Most interesting experience was 2017 Safari with Pali Suddle navigating and we navigated the famous stage 20 where everyone refused to go through, but we got 4th place behind the top runners after making it through.
Alan Abbey & Alan Abbey

Alan Abbey


Alan Abbey

Nationality: British Age: 54 Started rallying at age 27 I have never entered the East African Safari Classic Rally as a competitor, but I was in Kenya as part of the service crew for Scott when he did the event for the first time in 2017, with Pali.

Greatest event: I have still have a clear and vivid memories of the first ever event I competed in, as a navigator in a Mk2 Ford Escort fitted with a 3.5 litre V8 engine. It was during the UK winter at a UK race circuit. 1 mile into the first stage on a fast section with crests, we were travelling sideways through long fast corners in a controlled drift on frost and ice at around 100mph…After that I was hooked, and still am 30 years later. I would like to rally on the tarmac roads of the Isle of Man- fast, varied, unforgiving and scenic.

I have rallied in UK- England and Wales Best result was winning the 1600cc class of the Heart of England Championship in 2010 ( as driver); 3rd in class for UK BTRDA Championship (as driver).

Relationship to driver: Long-term friends. Scott and I met in the glamorous setting of Nuneaton Motor Club many years ago. We’ve been part of a larger group of friends and teammates who have supported each other and competed on many UK events for over 20 years.

Safari Rally means challenge, camaraderie, history, multicultural.

Africa to me means wide open spaces, big skies, fantastic scenery and wildlife, friendly and helpful people. Great memories, even though the only time I have visited was for 15 days to service on the EASCR 2017.

As a driver I have driven an Alfa Romeo 33, Ford Puma 1600. As a navigator- Ford Escort Mk2, Alfa Romeo 33, Peugeot 205 and a Subaru Impreza.

Favourite car is the Ford Puma 1600- highly tuned 1600cc 16 valve engine it was small, lightweight and great handling: fabulous fun to drive, on gravel or tarmac.

Fun experiences: In UK rallying- too many to mention. The first event I did stands out ( see previous answer), another is while rallying on some military ranges in Wales having pace note “Right 5 at tank”... and as service crew waiting in a remote forest service area wondering where the crew and car were when we received the text message “ Car upside down in river filling with water”. That's Rallying!