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JOEY GHOSE and MINTI support yet another local duo to enter the East African Classic Safari Rally.

February 7, 2022

Evans Kavisi and Absolum Aswani have joined a restructured 3 Car Minti Team. They will be joining Legends Ian Duncan and Anthony Neilsen. Fortune has favoured Scott Armstong and Farhaaz Khan who have landed the beautifully prepared Datsun GT which was to be driven by Joey. In a last minute change the team have pulled of a huge logistical and revamp challenge. The Team gives all credit to Joey for creating the opportunity.

Kavisi and Armstrong are still pinching themselves for this turn of events. Joey has wanted to see more local teams supported. "We have supported the best with Ian and Carl 'Flash' Tundo, and now we want to bring the Classic to the grass root levels. Exposing more local drivers is the only way to carry on the Safari Legacy", he said. He added - 'The aim is simple - have fun, live the dream and good luck to our whole team".

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